What are Coalition Challenge Events?

  • Only members of a Coalition can play Coalition Challenge Events.
  • Every Coalition fights together to defeat the Invading Boss.
  • The Boss has a set amount of HP.
  • Players deal damage to the Boss by winning individual battles against the Boss’ forces and completing secondary objectives (both are repeatable.)
  • There are multiple nodes that contain 3 enemies that get more and more difficult. The harder the encounter, the more damage you deal to the Boss.
  • Player must defeat the first opponent of each node to access the second one and so on.
  • The Nodes have 3 charges. When the charges are depleted the player must wait for the node to recharge, or the player can move to the next/previous node.
  • Player earns individual progression rewards for individual performance and the Coalition earns points per win by each player in the Coalition.
  • The event ends when the Boss is defeated (0% of HP remaining.)
  • The Coalitions are ranked by the total damage dealt (Ribbons) during the time of the event and are rewarded accordingly.
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