What is a PVP Event?

In PVP events players face off against other players Planeswalkers and chosen decks controlled by the game’s AI (Artificial Intelligence or Game Controlled).

Selecting a Node in PVP:

  • Depending on the Event, the player must select one of their Planeswalkers to occupy a Node in the PVP event. Some events the player will face off against opponents of the same Planeswalker color or possibly other mana focused Planeswalkers.  If the Node does not have a specific color or has multiple colors, the player can choose any Planeswalker they own, but most often the node will be a specific color and the player will have to lock in a Planeswalker that has that color for the entire run of that event.  This means, that while that event is active, the player can’t choose a different Planeswalker to fight in that node.  When the Event is over, the next run of that event the nodes will be reset so the player can choose a different Planeswalker for that run of the event.
  • The player will get more points for competing with a higher level Planeswalker. Depending on the event, this could mean 1 Ribbon for levels 1 – 10, for 10 – 20 2 ribbons, etc.  The player will always get the most points for using a max level Planeswalker.
  • Example: The player select Nodes of Power which is a normal PVP event.  The colors presented are all 5 of the Mana colors, the player selects the Green Node and is presented with all of their Green Mana Planeswalkers to choose from.  The player decides to use Nissa instead of Kiora because Kiora is not yet leveled up completely.  However the next event run of Nodes of Power the player vows to have Kiora fully leveled up to try her out, or the player can choose the Blue Node for Kiora and choose their Nissa again for the Green node for the next run.

 Planeswalker PVP Events:

  • Some events the player can choose a Node that already contains a Planeswalker. These nodes feature a new or rare Planeswalker to try out with a deck of cards that compliments the Planeswalkers abilities. 

Trial of the Planes Event:

  • The Trial of the Planes, runs every weekday. The event is a brand new variation on our current events: it is a non-competitive Player vs Player event with a big twist – each node is more difficult than the previous.

More Detailed info on Trial of the Planes Event HERE


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