What is a Coalition?

What is a Coalition?

Coalitions is where players can get together with their friends and be a part of a team and players can right now set-up their team in Magic: Puzzle Quest for Coalition play.

Coalitions can include up to 20 members and can be either Public or Private.  Players can search for a Coalition to join at anytime (but can only be part of 1 Coalition).  

Once a player is a part of a Coalition, players can work their way up various leaderboards and participate in Challenges for awesome rewards!

We just introduced Coalition Chat so players can now talk with their Coalition-mates and friends to communicate and get strategic.

We hope to introduce more features to Coalition in the future but if you are interested in finding a Community created Coalition, please check out the forums.

To learn more about Avacyn's Madness, visit HERE.

Good luck!

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