New Abilities Introduced In The 1.4 Update

What is Awaken?

Awaken is a 2nd cost attached to a card that performs an action when the cost is filled. For example Awaken 10: Summon 2 1/1 Island tokens with Haste means that if you fill the card with 10 extra mana, you will cast the card as normal and also summon 2 1/1 Island tokens with Haste.

What is Converge?

Converge is a variable power cost associated to a card. For every different color you use to fill the card, you get extra power. For example, a spell with converge that says “Deal X damage, where X is your Converged Mana”, if you fill it with 3 different colors, it will deal 3 damage. If you fill it with all 5 colors, it will deal 5 damage.

What is Devoid?

Devoid is a new ability that some cards may have. Normally, matching Void gems gives no mana, but cards with Devoid gain mana when you match Void gems.

What is Ingest?

Ingest converts gems from your opponent’s color to a new gem type called Void. When an ability has the Ingest keyword, it will convert the amount listed next to the keyword, for example Ingest 2 will convert 2 gems once it triggers.

What is Process?

Process is a cost tied to an ability - to be able to use the ability, you need at least as many void gems on the board as listed next to the Process keyword. If there are enough, you will convert that many void gems to your opponent’s color and perform the ability. For example, Process 2: Deal 2 damage requires at least 2 void gems on the board, and if there are at least 2, it will convert 2 to your opponent’s color then deal 2 damage.

What is Rally?

Rally is an action that is performed whenever a creature with the Ally subtype (now visible on the card) is summoned. For example, if a creature has Rally: Each creature you control gains +1/+1, when this creature is on the battlefield, every time you summon a creature with the Ally subtype, every creature you control gains +1/+1.

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