How do Tourney (PVP) battles work?

There are two types of PVP Tourneys. Players can compete against AI (computer-generated) teams or other player’s teams.

AI Tourneys include:

Day-ash for Cay-ash” - Fight through the trash mobs to get the cash logs... Hero Coins and Magic Dust that is -- and lots of it!

De-Wormed!” - Look out for the Worms! They are all elite characters! Are you making worm meal or will you be worm food? There's some Hero Coins waiting if you make it through.

Gobbling Goblins!” - An elite guard of gruff goblin has joined the tournament SO BEWARE! They are rumored to have reinforcements. It's a tough road ahead but the prize is more than worth the journey -- a very powerful Trinket!

Bubblegum Gauntlet” - This tournament is not for the timid of heart. Each battle you face has ever-increasing reinforcements. Bring plenty of potions because the fights are long, but the loots are Algebraic!

Player Vs Player Tourneys include:

Free For all Brawl” - It's Player vs Player with no punches pulled or character restrictions. Bring it!

Daily Dukes” - A splendid day of fisticuffs against other players in the Fire Kingdom.

Quick Bop” - It's a new Player versus Player tournament every 3 hours! That's a lot of prizes so get bopping.

Note: How many wins you have and what Rank you are on the ladder will determine the type of Tourney prizes you receive.

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