Character Class List.

There are 6 different Classes; Tank, Fighter, Bard, Thief, Wizard and Healer.

o Tank
Pros: Extra Health Points, Taunts enemies into attacking, minimizing damage to other party members.
Cons: The lowest Attack Power of all the melee classes.

o Fighter
Pros: Extra Attack Power, Many offensive abilities.
Cons: Little to no defensive abilities.

o Bard
Pros: Good Attack Power, Can grant buffs and minor healing to other party members.
Cons: Abilities take longer to charge.

o Thief
Pros: A master of poisons, Abilities that manipulate the puzzle board.
Cons: The lowest health of all the melee classes.

o Wizard
Pros: The highest attack power of any class, Area of Effect abilities that do damage to multiple targets.
Cons: Very low health.

o Healer
Pros: Can heal other party members, Good amount of Health Points .
Cons: Low Attack Power and offensive abilities.

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