Daily Rewards Calendar Issue (1/3/18)

Hi Everyone –

We want to provide an update in regards to the Daily Rewards Calendar showing up with a blank display for the month of January.  The team is working on a fix and expect to have it live tomorrow (Thursday, January 4) sometime between 4AM – 10AM PST.  We appreciate your patience as we complete the fix. 

For the month of January, the calendar will remain at 28 days and players will start on Day 1 tomorrow and earn an additional 350 Mana Runes for a total of 500 Mana Runes for that day.  On Monday, the Rewards will provide an additional 5 Mana Crystals for a total of 20 Mana Crystals.  This way, players will be rewarded for the missing days at the start of the month.  The complete monthly calendar will be on display in the game starting tomorrow.

Thank you.

D3 Go!

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