What is Booster Crafting?

When Booster Crafting launched on December 19, 2017, all your duplicate cards automatically be converted into Mana Orbs and Mana Runes.

You saw something like this:
(*Please note that some values in the following images are placeholder values)

Mana Orb is the new currency used only for Booster Crafting. Whenever you open a pack, the game automatically converts duplicates into Mana Orbs and Runes, so you can both craft new Booster Packs and level up your Planeswalkers at the same time!

At release, the only way to obtain Mana Orbs will be via duplicate conversion, however, later on you may even be able to gain some Mana Orbs from Events!

The New Crafting System

We redesigned the system, so that you never trade a duplicate for another. This means that all crafted packs will never yield a duplicate!

Crafted Boosters will contain a brand new card for your collection. Here are the options you will be able to select when crafting your booster:

  • Set: New sets will become available for crafting one month after their release. During this first month, you will get extra Mana Orbs when converting duplicates from that set.
  • Rarity: Everything from Common to Mythic Rares. Masterpieces cannot be crafted.

These two crafting options were selected to emphasize deck building variety and exploration, which are cornerstones of the Magic franchise. We want players to experience what makes Magic “magic” in the Puzzle Quest way, which means focusing on what is great in both franchises.

You can find the amount of Mana Orbs and Runes each duplicate will give you in the tables below.

Crafting Costs

Selecting a Set and Rarity determines the cost of the Booster that you would like to craft.

Sets will affect the crafting cost in 3 ways:

  • Legacy Sets (all Sets that aren’t in the Standard Rotation) are treated as a Single Set, and will be the cheapest you can craft to complete your sets!
  • All Standard Sets, except for the newest one, will have the same price.
  • The Newest Standard Set (most recent set released) will cost slightly more than the rest of Standard.

Selecting a Rarity will also affect the Booster cost. You can craft from Commons to Mythics from any Set. Increasing the Rarity will increase the cost.

Check out the table below to find the Mana Orb costs for each Crafted Booster:

Origins Set 

Since Origins is the basic set of the game and also a classic one, it will remain in Standard and craftable as an individual set. In light of this and its popularity, we decided to make Origins the cheapest Standard set: it is priced as a Legacy Set! Check out the updated price table above.

We’ve worked hard to create an enjoyable experience! We hope you enjoy the newest addition to the game, and we can’t wait to hear what you think! Always keep the feedback coming!

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