Lost iOS Accounts After 2.2.1 (8/8/17)

We understand the new 2.2.1 update created some additional lost iOS accounts and the team is currently investigating the issue.  We deeply apologize to those that were effected. 

If you have lost your account and was brought to the tutorial, this has created a new account. Please send a Customer Support ticket with your current User ID and the username of the lost account. 

Please note, our customer support team are currently assisting with account restores as quickly as they can and are responding to these in the order they come in.  We apologize for any delays in our response.  To help speed up the process of your account restore, it would be helpful to provide the information below in your ticket if available.

- Please provide a Screenshot of your current account Username and UID Number (PNG or JPEG only). Please Note: This will be the account overwritten during the account restore process. 
- Please provide the account Username for the account you wish to be restored. This was the Username that you registered with at the beginning of the game. 
- Please provide unique details from your previous account. (Purchases, Rare Cards, Unlocked Planeswalkers, etc.). 
- Did you play the game as a Guest Account or had you used the Facebook Backup Save Feature before losing the account? 
- Could you please tell us the Make, Model, and OS Version of all devices that you are using to run this application?
- Could you please tell us the if you had to update your device OS right before the update of the application since the minimum is now OS 9 to run the game.
- Please confirm that you will lose the progress on the new account once we have restored your lost account.

Thank you.

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