v2.2.0 Pre-Release Notes (7/19/17)

Hour of Devastation

Hour of Devastation arrives in Magic: The Gathering - Puzzle Quest next week (Week of 7/24).

A large selection of new cards will be available at launch, this expansion is filled with interesting card combinations and powerful abilities.

The set features three new card abilities: Eternalize, Aftermath, and Afflict.


When this creature is in your graveyard, Activate X, where X is the number listed next to the Eternalize keyword. When you match the gem, this creature is Exiled then you summon a 4/4 Zombie token copy of it on the battlefield.


When this card is in the graveyard, Activate X, where X is the number listed next to the Aftermath keyword on the back side of the card. When you match the gem, the ability listed on the back side of the card will trigger.


When this creature is blocked, your opponent also takes damage equal to this creature's Power.

A New Planeswalker at Launch of v2.2

Hour of Devastation offers a brand new selection of special offers, such as new Planeswalkers, exclusive cards and new offers for Mana Crystals. In the first week of the Hour of Devastation release, be ready to welcome Elspeth, Sun's Champion. Check in every week for new limited-time offers!

Elspeth, Sun's Champion

A Planeswalker and skilled knight, Elspeth wants nothing more than to sheathe her sword for the last time and find a plane to call home. Violence and destruction have a tendency to follow her, and she is constantly driven to take up arms and wield her defensive magic in the service of those that need her protection.

Elspeth is a white Planeswalker with abilities optimized for the Hour of Devastation set:

  • Ability 1: Summon Sun-Soldier. Summons 1 (up to 4 at rank 4) 1/1 Soldier token with “Exert 6: The first creature your opponent controls is Destroyed”.
  • Ability 2: Bathe in the Sun. Activate 2: Each of your creatures gains +1/+1 (up to +4/+4 at rank 4).
  • Ability 3: Solar Power. 1 (up to 4 at rank 4) of your Activated gems is Destroyed and triggered.

 At max level, Elspeth has 114 health.

With max level mana gains of +7 White, +3 Blue, and +3 Green, Elspeth is a force to be reckoned with! But great power comes at a great price, Elspeth has max level mana gains of -2 for Red and Black.

As for her deck restrictions, she starts at 3 creatures, 4 spells and 3 supports at level 1 and ends with 6/6/5 at level 60.


New Hour of Devastation Events

New events will be coming to Hour of Devastation, stay tuned for the launch of the release for event details.

Miscellaneous Improvements and Bug Fixes


  • Event Decks: You can now create a deck or transfer an existing deck into the Event Deck slot for the duration of an Event.
  • Card Finder: Looking to obtain a specific card? When viewing any card in the Full screen Card Carousel, clicking "Card Finder" will show you where you can loot the card.
  • Smart Filters: When building Event decks, filters will now automatically take into account the Event’s restrictions.
  • Improved Filters: The text search bar in the Filters tab will now search card names, subtypes, descriptions and evergreens. Build your next Zombie deck with ease!
  • Improved tutorial for auto-fill and pre-built decks.
  • Full screen Card Carousel swiping is smoother.
  • Players will now need to complete the Chapter 1 of the Story Mode in order to unlock the Events.

Bug Fixes

  • Red dots continue to display when viewing the navigational options after collecting the available Booster Pack.
  • Missing green pack when purchasing the Nissa, Steward of Elements offer (also fixed in similar offers)
  • Players report duplicate cards from various boosters not showing in their inventory.
  • The game freezes when the user destroys an enemy support tile during the Story Mode: Heroic Jace mission.
  • Game becomes unresponsive during a match, but menus and player hand are still accessible.
  • Purchasing an Amonkhet set can result in soft lock and the user not receiving the cards.
  • The game occasionally freezes when the opponent destroys multiple support gems at once.
  • Users are reporting getting rewards for the next bracket when finishing on the last place of the previous bracket.
  • The app freezes when performing a partial Five Finger Pinch gesture...
  • Apple/iOS Users Please Note: Starting in this next update, the game is now only compatible with iOS 9 or later.

We’ve been working on numerous back-end and infrastructure improvements, leading to better game stability, better response time, and less latency.

*Numerous additional bug fixes also included and not listed in notes.

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