Booster Crafting Delayed (6/22/17)

Hi Everyone –

As most of you are aware, we announced last month that Booster Crafting is coming to Magic: Puzzle Quest. While this highly anticipated new feature is still coming to the game, we regretfully announce that the release has been delayed.

Reason for the delay is that Booster Crafting is a very complex feature that is requiring our designers and programmers to spend countless hours in making this the best possible feature and we aren’t quite there yet. Because of the complexity of the system, we need to make sure it is launched properly and to do so, we are adding new members to the team to make sure it is done right (and to fix some of the other recent bugs). These new members are helping us focus on the overall game stability and infrastructure improvements as these are both prerequisites in order to create the best possible experience with Booster Crafting.

So what should we expect before Booster Crafting?
The next big milestone is the release of the new card set: Hour of Devastation (HOU). This set is going to be awesome and will contain a ton of cards. New Planeswalkers and new events tied to HOU are incoming as well.

Many improvements are on the way including:

  • Improvement of the Event Deck flow.
  • Ability to search cards per Evergreen or Keywords.
  • Ability to know where to find a card in the game via the Cards Finder.
  • Lots of other improvements and bug fixes are coming as well.

The HOU update will be launched shortly after the TCG release.

For now, if you are saving your duplicate cards for Booster Crafting, we recommend you to continue to do so. We still plan on sharing more details before we go live later this summer, including the conversion numbers, so you can decide which route is best for you.

Thank you for your patience and for playing Magic: Puzzle Quest.

- The Team at D3 Go! and Hibernum

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