Known Issues in MTGPQ

Hi Everyone - 

Have you come across a pesky bug or something not functioning as intended? Well we want to fix that and keep you in the loop that we are aware and we are working on a fix.

This section is meant to help players find via a central location, the pertinent issues that may currently be happening to their accounts. Some of these known issues we will have a fix and there is no need to reach out to customer support to report.  For some, we do have a note that provides the action required.  

Please note, sometimes we will request players to reach out to customer support for compensation and sometimes compensation will automatically be applied in-game.  The timeline this is determined may take a few days so please be patient with customer support as we resolve the issue.

  • We are aware of the issues players have been experiencing with the Oath of the Gatewatch event today. Players were encountering an issue on the first battle of the event, where it did not progress past the opponent's turn.
    Due to the widespread occurrence of this bug, we have decided to cancel both the Oath of the Gatewatch: Part 1 and Part 2 events, and instead are running Fateful Showdown in its place. The Fateful Showdown originally scheduled for next week will instead be replaced with Revolt Against the Consulate.
  • Players may be experiencing times in the game where the game will not load (most known is when players first open the app).  If you experience this, please do a hard reset of the App and you should be able to get right back into the app.  The team is working on fixing this issue as soon as possible.
  • We are aware of some Coalitions and their members being unable to log into the game. If you are affected by this issue, please send in a support ticket, so we can include your name in our list to fix. Thank you for understanding!
  • For iOS users, players may need to fill in the box with their referral code for a free Rare Card as the auto-fill function is improperly working.
  • In addition, there are reports that those who have shared their referral code for a free Rare Card are not receiving their gift (the new players are receiving the gift).  Please reach out to customer support if you have not received a free Rare Card from referring your friends to the game so the team can investigate.
  • We are aware that sometimes the card, Painted Bluffs, will convert a gem to your opponent's color, instead of the player's colors. The team is currently investigating this issue.
  • Players interested in changing their Coalition team name are able to change it in game, but right now the name change is not reflected on leaderboards.  Please reach out to customer support if you come across this issue so we are able to include your Coalition name in our list to fix.

All known issues can also be found at our forums at   Thank you.

*This list ls not a comprehensive list of bugs.

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