Known Issues in MTGPQ

Hi Everyone - 

Have you come across a pesky bug or something not functioning as intended? Well we want to fix that and keep you in the loop that we are aware and we are working on a fix.

This section is meant to help players find via a central location, the pertinent issues that may currently be happening to their accounts. Some of these known issues we will have a fix and there is no need to reach out to customer support to report.  For some, we do have a note that provides the action required.  

Please note, sometimes we will request players to reach out to customer support for compensation and sometimes compensation will automatically be applied in-game.  The timeline this is determined may take a few days so please be patient with customer support as we resolve the issue.

  • For iOS users, players may need to fill in the box with their referral code for a free Rare Card as the auto-fill function is improperly working.
  • In addition, there are reports that those who have shared their referral code for a free Rare Card are not receiving their gift (the new players are receiving the gift).  Please reach out to customer support if you have not received a free Rare Card from referring your friends to the game so the team can investigate.
  • Some players are encountering a continuous loading animation, when attempting to match with opponents in events. The team is currently investigating this issue. Please submit a support ticket if you find you are experiencing this error.
  • We are aware that sometimes the card, Painted Bluffs, will convert a gem to your opponent's color, instead of the player's colors. The team is currently investigating this issue.

All known issues can also be found at our forums at   Thank you.

*This list ls not a comprehensive list of bugs.

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