Checking Customer Support Ticket Status

Hi Everyone - 

To check the status of your communication with customer support for Magic: Puzzle Quest, please do the following - 

  • Please tap on the Menu Button at the top left corner of the game (sometimes referred to as the hamburger button).
  • Tap on Settings.
  • Tap on Create Ticket.
  • (To review previous tickets/messages) Tap on Access Zendesk.
  • iOS user, please tap on Contact Us --- Android users, tap on Menu Button
  • And your tickets/messages will appear.  You will see a dot next to your message if you have received a response.  Please note it may take 24 - 72 hours to receive a response.

We can confirm that all communication are being received by our customer support team and most players should be notified by customer support via email when a response is made. But this helpful tip should guide players that want to monitor the status of their tickets at anytime.   

If you prefer to email customer support, please reach out to them at

We are continuously working to improve our support efforts and we appreciate your patience.

- D3 Go! Team

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