Upcoming New Feature: Booster Crafting (5/25/17)

Hi Everyone,

Opening boosters and acquiring new cards is a fun and integral part of Magic: Puzzle Quest, and is a great way to improve and build your card collection. Having said that though, we understand that it can be very frustrating to encounter duplicates of cards you already own. With that in mind, here is Will from Hibernum to talk a bit more about the upcoming new feature: Booster Crafting


Hi everyone!
We are excited to officially announce a new feature that we've been working on - Booster Crafting!

What is Booster Crafting?
Booster Crafting lets you turn your duplicate cards into new cards. Duplicates will be converted into crafting tokens, which can be used to craft custom boosters. Importantly, Booster Crafting will provide a way to guarantee getting new cards! Looking for a new Mythic? Not a problem with Booster Crafting!

What happens to existing duplicate cards?
Until the release of Booster Crafting, the option to turn your duplicate cards into Mana Runes will remain in the Cards menu. When Booster Crafting is released, we'll automatically convert existing duplicates into crafting tokens. Afterwards, duplicate cards will be automatically converted when opening packs.

Opening boosters is one of the best parts of Magic - and we want to make that experience even better by providing a way to get guaranteed new cards. We also want to keep PvP competition fair for all players. In order to do so, we’re introducing two token types. Duplicate cards from the newest card set (Amonkhet) will provide tokens used to craft boosters from "Standard" card sets (currently Origins, Kaladesh, Aether Revolt and Amonkhet), and duplicate cards from older card sets will let you craft boosters from sets outside of “Standard.”

Booster Crafting is still in the early phases of development, so some details may change along the way. Having said that though, we wanted to let you know about the feature as soon as we could! We expect to launch Booster Crafting in an update in late June.  Stay tuned - we’ll post more details before the release of Booster Crafting!


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