How does the Trial of the Planes Event work?

The Trial of the Planes, runs every weekday. The event is a brand new variation on our current events: it is a non-competitive Player vs Player event with a big twist – each node is more difficult than the previous.

Here’s the lowdown on this event:

  • Each day, the Trial of the Planes is centered on a mana color.
  • The mana color cycles each week day, with a fixed schedule (the mana color is the same every week day of every week, so for example Monday is always Red mana day).
  • With the exception of the first node, you can only play with Planeswalkers that match the day’s color. (Dual-color Planeswalkers can play on both of their color’s days).
  • The event consists of 4 nodes that do not refresh. The goal is to make it as far as possible!
  • Each node has exactly 3 fights on it. When you win a fight on a single node, the next node is unlocked.
  • Each fight is played against another player’s deck in the same tier you are currently in.
  • Each node you unlock is harder than its predecessor.
  • The first node is a standard node.
  • The second node your opponent becomes Enraged on round 5.
  • The third node your opponent becomes Supercharged on round 5.
  • The fourth node your opponent becomes Legendary on round 3.
  • (Legendary is a new modifier to matches. A Planeswalker that activates Legendary deals double damage, gains double base mana and draws an extra card each turn).
  • There are no special objectives for any of these nodes. Build the strongest deck you can using your best cards and bring your strongest Planeswalkers into combat!.
  • Entering the event costs Mana Crystals – the cost of a single Booster Pack.
  • Winning a single fight grants you a Booster Pack of the current block.
  • There are no leaderboards – only progression rewards based on the amount of fights you win.
  • Each tier gains different rewards. The higher your tier and the more fights you win, the more Mana Jewels you will earn.
  • You can only enter the event once per day.

The further you get in the Event, the more Mana Jewels you’ll win – with a bonus at higher Color Mastery tiers. Try to enter and reach as high as you can every day to get as many Mana Jewels as you can!

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