Invite Friends For Free Exclusive Cards!

Gather your allies and grow stronger! For the first time, you can earn exclusive cards by inviting your friends to play Magic: The Gathering - Puzzle Quest.

To get started, click “Invite” on the main menu and once a friend (via Facebook) starts a new account, they can enter your unique referral code that is generated. Once the code is entered and your friend completes the Tutorial, both of you will receive an exclusive Rare card.

The exclusive cards that you can earn are Cowl Prowler, Ghirapur Orrery, or Wayward Giant! Please note, these cards are given at random and there is a chance you may get a duplicate of the same card you earned before you collect them all.  Duplicates can be sold for Runes.

Good luck and thanks for passing along the awesomeness of Magic: The Gathering – Puzzle Quest with your friends!

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